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iPad it is, huh? Let’s get the good out of the way first: very nice screen, beautifully designed case (The bezel’s a little big; but, I’ll get to that.), impressive that it syncs with cameras (with a dongle), handles 3G (for $130 extra), and is, for Apple, reasonably priced.


  • The name!! Come on people?! What’re they going to call v2, iPad 2, Heavy Flow
  • No camera front or back, probably front facing first, then wrap-around coverage in v3: Light Days.
  • No multitasking for third party apps. Contrary to what’s said, the iPhone OS does multitask, it just doesn’t allow things like Skype to keep running in the background. I can see where developers could beat the OS to death and tie-up the built-in functions; but, those apps that screw up would be ridiculed out of contention.
  • Adobe and Apple need to kiss and make up. No flash?! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really like Flash much anymore, mostly because of the item above; but, though it’s easy to hate in many respects, it has stood the test of time and enough people use it for their ads that Apple should be concerned about losing revenue.
  • Speaking of revenue, funny how iBookstore looks almost identical to Delicious Library, I do hope those devs got paid. Also, what about annotations, searching a book, extending the functionality?! Oh, right, you can’t because you don’t get to have access to the file system.
  • Speaking of restricted access, Apple has decided that users don’t deserve a first class file system.
  • No shell

I’ve heard many interviews of this guy, Jonathan Zittrain, on NPR and elsewhere decrying the world of closed tech. At first I was full-blown fan-boy mad at him; now, I’m just a little ambivalent. On the one hand, it’s true that the internet did allow, and mostly, still does allow, open anyone who wants to understand it to read the source code and dive in. There are plenty of examples of how and why this is bad. I won’t get into them as I must go put on my ballet hat.

If you’re in the market for an eBook reader, the iPad is for you; as you’ll be able to do much much more than any of the competing devices, it will be gorgeous, and probably even fun. The name, however, must go.