Monthly Archives: November 2002

Gig in Greenville

I’m in Greenville, SC after a mostly successful run of Giselle. I say mostly because of
a most unfortunate incident involving my lack of a Wilfred and the door
on the house stage left. You can only imaging. It’s on tape and as soon
as I get it, I’ll post it here. It’s classic. I’ve got a new cell phone(706-414-4912).
I realized that I haven’t placed it on the "Home" page. I’ll
fix that eventually, but don’t hold your breath. I’m in my 3rd class
with the University of Phoenix. So far
I’ve got an A! Oh yeah, Susan Martin of ScubaDoRag™
fame has been nominated by Microsoft as a semi-finalist in their
M.o.X.i.e. contest
. If she wins, I get a new iMac. So VOTE!
Remember: SUSAN MARTIN!!! ;-).
One more thing: I plan to add a shameless commerce
section to the site. Though I’m not really an advocate of the MLM (Multi-Level
Marketing = Amway) biz, but I take a product that is only offered that
way. It’s not Amway, but it’s virtually the same thing. You are probably
wondering why I would have any interest in this at all. The simple answer
is that the product: Juice Plus®
really does work. It’s a shame that the only way to get it is through
someone who sells it in the hopes of fabulous riches. I’m not fooled
by the promises of wealth, but I do like the product. If you want it,
I can get it for you. You won’t be making me fabulously well-to-do,
but maybe one day I can have my own Segway
without Tammy divorcing me!

Election in Augusta

Watching the election returns.
I wonder what Rush will have to complain about now?! Yours truly will
be going back to Augusta to vote in the runoff between Bob Young and
Ed McIntyre. Mr. McIntyre has had a checkered past and was in trouble
with the law. He served his time. Everyone says he was set up. I suppose
we all deserve a second chance.
Tam is better and is at work right now. She’s at work right now. Thanks
for all of the kind words. I just found out that I am being used as
NCDT’s example of an
attitude!.image since removed There’s double meaning in that!