Monthly Archives: March 2005

To my Republican friends

I just read this on druge. I wonder how long it will take for Fox or any other right leaning outlet to start attacking this report? An hour? Two? Or maybe they’ll just ignore it. On the other hand, how long will it take for left leaning folks to capatalize on the findings? Hmmm, took me about 5 minutes.
Interestingly, I was just visited by a nice lady distributing the “Watch”. Coincidence?
Who knows. Here’s another pretty picture of Tess:
Tess at Bons

Tess at Swan Lake.

The Atlanta Ballet hosted a public preview of Swan Lake last night. It was basically a dress rehearsal. The best part was watching Tess. She really seemed to pay attention, even though we were pretty far away.
OMG, I guess I AM going to be a ballet Dad. Oh crap. 😉


Open Letter to Bill Gates

Dear Sir,
   With the announcement of IE7 and the promise of new security updates I am most curious to know if this new version will include full support of CSS and the .png format and if not, why not?
Benjamin Westafer