Monthly Archives: January 2006

Jake went and did it.

Well, Jake scratched Tess Sunday night. He was sleeping facing the door. Tess grabbed his back and he whipped around and caught her face. He didn’t bite her, thank goodness. Still, Tess has a nasty scrape on the right side of her face; a little more to the left and Jake probably would have reached Tess’ eye. Pretty scary. While both Tam and I thought such an incident inevitable, we weren’t really prepared with a strategy. So, he’s down in Augusta with his doggie aunts and uncles. Meanwhile, Tam and I have taken Tess to the Doc, talked to Jake’s Vet and we’re seeing what we have to do. The Vet says Jake’s reaction was normal for a dog his age and that we shouldn’t worry; but definitely should keep the dog separated from Tess when he’s sleeping or eating. Apparently, he’s just a big scardey cat. Tam and I are working with James’ kids this weekend, and I’m going to participate in the GHP auditions, so we’ll have time to come up with a plan.

Spinning wheels.

So I’m a little stuck. I’ve figured out that Gallery 2 uses Smarty. Great. I’m sure that’s wonderful, but I barely know what Smarty is. I did discover this, though:


escapes Smarty parsing. So if you want to have your own header with Gallery 2, you need to alter your header file so that it’s wrapped in the {literal}{/literal} tags. I haven’t tried nesting content inside the tpl. That might be interesting; but it doesn’t work. It seems I’ll have to be a little more clever to make it so I only have to have one header file. If it’s not one thing its the other.

Long path to upgrade

Well, it looks like I’m getting close to finishing my move to MT 3.2. It’s been a little bit of a hassle, but overall, I just haven’t had enough time to devote to the task.
Tam and I have started working on Beauty and the Beast for my friend James Wagoner. We’re off to a great start. The kids are most enthusiastic and talented bunch. We&38217;ll work on their dancing. They have plenty of time and I know they’re going to rock.
In other, most sad news, Pamela Malave-Jones passed away over the weekend. I’m working on a more fitting memorial for her on the site. Her death is a great loss to me, her students, and our state.