Monthly Archives: September 2007

Farewell faithful companion…

Tomorrow we are sending Jake to a higher karma. He’s suffering. I wish he’d get better; but, its unreasonable to think that he will. He was a faithful companion for fourteen years.
So long ago, Tammy and I were supposed to meet at the Cup and Chaucer at the Oxford Book Store in Altanta. So, I’m in the coffee shop and Tam walks in with this adorable little black puppy, so small he fit into the palm of my hand. Loud enough for all to hear, she asks me if we can keep him. You could hear a pin drop. Of course I said yes. He stayed with Tam in Atlanta, moved to Augusta, Charlotte, Gainesville, Asheville, and back to Augusta. He’s been all over the place!
It’s only been these past two weeks that he started to rapidly decline. He was already losing his sight and hearing; now he can’t get around on his own. It seems that it is time. I hate it; but, it must be done.

Do not install PHP5 on WinXP

Well. Do, if you know how, and if you know how please tell me! I’ve used XAMP in the past and it was fine until I tried to add SVN to the mix. I’ve been all over the web trying to figure out how to do it and then I opened my WROX book “Professional PHP5” and read this:

Let’s be clear about something—this book is not about operating system wars. Those of you interested in the great Windows versus UNIX debate can find literally
thousands of great pages of well–spoken denizens of Slashdot
It is, however, worth our making the following bold statement: “Windows is bad at being an Internet application server, just as UNIX is bad at being a workstation
operating system.”

They said it, not me. In fairness, this book is devoted to PHP5 and not ASP.NET 2.0 or 3.0 or whatever they are selling in hotel conference rooms. So, I’ve tried and
failed to get this thing installed properly because of some trailing slash or another and I’m admitting defeat. It is very nice to have a Windows box around
for testing; but, it’s time for me to install some Linux or another to handle my meager hosting needs.

Of course, I am still pissed that I can’t figure out where I’ve gone wrong. I’m probably going to stay up another hour or eight trying to get it to work. Lord help me.

iPhone price drop.

So, it’s Apple day. New iPod Touch, redesigned iPod Nanos’, two-hundred dollar price drop for the iPhone; now maybe I can get one. It would be none too soon as the screen on my RAZR is now dead. Unfortunately, there was a quiet, albeit rumored, exit of the iPod HiFi. I had the pleasure of using one for the summer at GHP. It was LOUD; without sounding like crap. I was in it for the speakers; not the Dock. Maybe I’ll find one on eBay. I’m not particularly worried about it; though I had hoped they would’ve updated it rather than send it to the trash. Oh well.