Monthly Archives: April 2006

New Addition!

Two of the most beautiful people I know have a new addition to their family:
His name is William Jacob Cashin and he was born Friday April, 28th. Get this, he and I share the same birth-weight: eight pounds and fourteen ounces!

Tess Jamming out.

Tam and I are at SERBA to see everybody. Tam went to the Gala and I stayed in the room to babysit Tess. The clock radio has big buttons on the top for different genres of music. She found the Rock and Roll button and I recorded the results on my RAZR.
Download file


I am typing on my rejuvenated and much missed Lombard. I got it back this morning and am stealing a few moments at the Mall of GA Atlanta Bread Company.
It seems that when Tess unfolded the screen she must’ve stepped on the joint that contains the hinge and the AV in such a way that the AV card cracked. It could have been much worse. While they were at it, the good folks at Daystar replaced the missing keys, upgraded the RAM, replaced the rear door, and the top case! They also tweaked the MACh Speed Control settings in such a way that I’m able to take advantage of the L2 cache; every time I’ve tried to futz with its settings I’ve crashed the Mac. It’s right now, and I’m not going to touch it!

Sick Lombard

The Lombard is in intensive care under the excellent care of Gary and the good folks at Daystar computing (makers of the xlr8 Mac CPU upgrades). Say a prayer for it! Or send $2985 to the Benjamin Westafer Benevolent Society. Yikes. I’m hoping to have it back next week. I didn’t realize it was now eight years old. I do want an excuse to get a new one, but I’m very attached to the Lombard. It’s been a workhorse and hopefully it will have a new lease on life when it returns.