Monthly Archives: July 2006

Program corrections.

With Marianne the librarian as my witness I was doubtful about my scholarship in the program regarding Giselle. The choreographer for Giselle is Jules Perrot not Marius Petipa; though the introduction of the Peasant Pas into Giselle happened later. Further, the music is not Adam it’s Frédéric Bergmüller. It may be that Perrot indeed choreographed the pas, though I haven’t the time to fully get into it. I have to get the baby up and she’s going to be hungry. Maybe one of you enterprising students can figure this one out for me.
I’m still working on the program, but here it is so far. I still need a logo or something for the front.
On the DVD front. My big computer is still in the car. I’m on baby duty until five or six, but I do hope to have it set up and ready to go later this evening. I go to Atlanta to work Wednesday through Friday, and then to Asheville to pack up the house on the weekend. I may take the computer with me; but we’ll just have to see how far I get. I have NOT found the tape of Thursday 7:00. I really hate that for Shadeah and Kyndal (and Kyndal’s mom). If anybody has any info about that my address is:
243 Greene St.
Augusta, GA
and I don’t care about why I don’t have it, I just need it for the DVD. Spread the word.
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