Monthly Archives: July 2004

Video Finished!

I’ve finished the DVD. I will take it to Atlanta for duplication Monday. It looks pretty good.
There are a couple of problems I can do nothing about. There’s a skip in a bad spot during Yeah!
Sorry about that. Also, the camera was set to autofocus, so sometimes it looks like it was
shot underwater. I can’t wait for everyone to see it! I hope you’ll be pleased.*
In other news,’s
online store is now live. Be brave and place the first order!
* Special thanks to Matt for comic relief.


If you have a Mac (of course you should), you may view a little screensaver of drawings
my Dance Majors and Minors made during the six weeks. Just open System Preferences–>Desktop&Screensaver and
click on .Mac. Click on options and type boomw in the .Mac membership box. Enjoy!

GHP’s Over!

I’m just about done packing. It is very strange here without the kids. I’ve
added an area for my GHP’ers in the forum.
I have been able to get some of the DVD work done. I’m still adding video from the
summer. I will post something as soon as I’m done. In the meantime, I hope everyone had a safe trip home
and is enjoying their own beds and real food!! The RA’ are having a little wing ding at GA, so I’m off.
Good thing I don’t have to teach in the morning!