Monthly Archives: December 2004

Merry Christmas!

This has to be the best Christmas on record. Tam and I have the best present in the world in our little one and our parents have
completely lost their minds and have spoiled us with plenty of goodies. One of which is a new digital camera from Dad which I’ve employed (in combination
with Gallery) to add a photo gallery to this site.
I’ve also just purcahsed a Pioneer Pro CD (CDJ1000MKII) player with which I hope to use to make higher quality CD’s for the Ballet here and in Charlotte.
I will also use it as my accompaniment for class and rehearsals as it alters tempo without affecting pitch. I’m hoping I’ve made a good choice. Denon and Technics have
less expensive offerings; however, I’ve been assured that the Pioneer is the best option. –Can you sense a little buyer’s remorse?– To get the best
quality possible I’m soon to invest in a pro sound card for the Mac so I can accept SPDIF. I’m completely new to it and will have yet another thing to learn.
In other news the coffee shop’s online sales are going well; especially considering we’ve done just about zero marketing.
Susan’s site is doing well, though I’m afraid that only a geek can really appreciate the changes I’ve made behind the scenes.
My cousin Tony has convinced me to purchase an
ASP book. I’m starting
it, though I am spending more time with PHP. It’s the whole Mac/Microsoft thing. Oh well. Susan’s site lives on an IIS server, so…
I think I’m done rambling for now. Check out the new gallery, add a comment if you like. You may purchase photos from a drop down on the upper right hand
side of the page.
Happy New Year!