Monthly Archives: December 2002

Microsoft picks winner: not Susan :-(

Well, Susan didn’t win. So, no new iMac for me. :-(. I do need a new Mac. Mine’s starting
to show its age: 3 years. Should anyone want to donate to the
Benjamin Westafer Benevolent Society
, please feel free! ;-). I’m
glad that Nutcracker is over. I’m now working on
. Susan’s added a ton of new fabrics. So, I’m
buy behind the computer all of the time. I’m also playing “Nightfire”,
the new James Bond game. I would argue that the song on the game kicks
the ass of the movie track. I do wish the multiplayer was xbox live
enabled, but you can’t have everything.
I hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas! Or
Happy Whatever! I hope that everyone is happy in general regardless
or your race, creed, ethnic origin, religious affiliation, non-religious
affiliation, sexual orientation, disability, cultural literacy, ad infinitum.
I hope I’m not leaving anyone out.