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For my ’06 GHP’ers: the DVD is almost done.
I’ll post more Sunday.
I have just had some correspondence with Kyndal’s Mom about the DVD. If there’s one reason the DVD isn’t ready, my many technical debacles besides, it’s because to this day I have been unable to account for the Thursday night show’s tape. I have searched high and low. I scoured the theater, the grass outside the theater, my car, my room, the studio. It simply is not anywhere I can find. I gathered from all of the activity around the camera that the tape got legs and walked away. I can’t go so far as to accuse anyone because I could not be in two places at once. All of the help that I had was working backstage.
So, again. If anyone has this tape, I want it back. No questions asked. I don’t care how you got it, I need it. This was Kyndal’s last dance performance. Her parents brought a camera and I didn’t let them tape because I was going to be able to do it better myself, plus there would be thousands of red dots and parents watching the viewfinder and not the show. Not to mention that taping the show isn’t allowed: look at the cover of this week’s New Yorker.
So basically, not only have I delayed and delayed and delayed your receipt of this DVD, I have robbed Kyndal’s parents of any record of their daughter’s last show. The fact that I’m no longer invited to GHP is small punishment for that. I am truly sorry for losing that show. I wish I could go back in time and have put that tape somewhere completely safe. For everybody else, I have all of the video captured on disc. I just need to add titles and convert it to DVD format, burn it, duplicate it, and send it out.
The only reason I have enough time to type this long message is because I’m waiting for an employer to call me for a job that was supposed to be here yesterday. I have been crazed since the day that I left Valdosta. So, stay tuned. I’ll post something on Sunday.

All the rumors are true!

Well, there comes a time in every man’s life when he has to ask who he really is. Well after a lot of time with a men’s group and some emotional talk with Tam, Tess’ blessing and the understand of my closest friends and family I can finally come out:

The Imus BS…

I have a message for all of the kids I teach: you are responsible for your self image. This self image may be informed or misinformed by others; it’s up to you to decide which. Here’s my advice: don’t let others tell you what to think; that includes me.