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Well folks, there’s one more thing to appreciate living in the mountains…
Earthquakes! I was just ready to dial-up when the entire house started shaking. It didn’t last long at all; but, it scared the beejeezus out of me. I immediately cried out, “What the hell is going on!” I’m still listening to every little sound I hear. Tam came out of the bedroom with a look that asked the same question. The power stayed on and I guess the tremor was most mild. Still, I went to the US Geological Survey’s Site and found where lives the nearest seismograph. The results are below:
Jenksville seismograph
Here’s another one from the USGS
Jenksville seismograph

DVD Update!

Whew! I’m working on the DVD menus now which means I’m nearing the final stages of this thing. The rehearsal footage isn’t that great. I’m afraid I’m going to have to dump it on there. I thought about doing some pop-up video style thing to it; but, this business is dragging out and I want to get these things in the mail ASAP!
In other news. You’ll notice that I’ve added two banners to the site. I guess you might say I’ve sold out. Things are pretty tight around here and every little bit counts. I’ve also started some reasonable SEO on the JuicePlus area of the site. If you search Google for JuicePlus I’m on page three. Google’s cache hasn’t been updated since I started optimizing, so I guess I’ll have to be a little more patient.
Speaking of patience. I’ve been forced to dial-up! ARGHHHH! I’m using NetZero’s “Platinum” service for Mac. Well, it ain’t all that. I don’t know if I’m going to stick with them or no. I haven’t been able to connect at 56k even! I’m going to poke around a little and see if I can’t get better results. And now, back to baby/DVD duties!

DVD Progress Report

OK, Thursday 8:30 it is. I will include footage for the three alternate casts of Playground and the one other cast of Butterfly. So far things are lookng good. I know there was some discussion as to whether Wednesday’s 8:30 show was the best; still, I have to say that Thursday is the clear winner.
So here’s what’s left to do:

  • capture and edit the rehearsal footage.
  • put together the slideshows
  • finish the titles
  • background, buttons, and menus for DVD
  • burn master DVD
  • replicate DVD’s
  • ship DVD’s to you

So. You can see I’ve got my work cut out for me. I’ll be back in Asheville Sunday. I have to teach pretty much all day Monday; but, will start on putting together the rehearsal portion when I’m done with my classes.
I will update you when I have something to show.

Editing progress report.

I do apologize for how long it’s taking me to get the DVD out. I hope to have it done and sent to the duplicator by the end of next week. I’m still waiting on the professional video we were happy to have from the State’s photographer; it’s entirely possible that the address change is slowing that up.
In the meantime, I’ve been able to start on the show. I’ve got two good angles for Thursday night at 8:30. This will be the basis for the dancing at least. I’m hoping the acting portions will be more clear on the tape I’m waiting for. I’ll do my best to have acceptable versions of the other three casts of Playground and the other cast of Butterfly. At least I’m set up and finally able to go to work! I appreciate your patience with me!

Mountain Living

Well, here we are
It is very beautiful up here. Were I a lumber baron or a lottery winner, Terpsicorps would have a new home; dare to dream. At present I’m trying to solve the lack of internet. It looks like it’s dial-up for me for the time being. Charter Communications is going to do a “feasibility study” to see if they can’t get cable up the mountain. I’m not holding my breath. In the meantime, Tam and I are going to interviews and enjoying the peace that comes from having a few moments to catch our breath.