Monthly Archives: May 2007

Hey Kids!

Congrats to my kids for some wonderful dancing at the Davidson Fine Arts Senior Concert. You guys looked great! Stay in touch with the old man.
Dig this; remember how I’m always talking about perching over your standing leg in attitude? If you’re arms go from low to high you shouldn’t change your weight; just change the arms. Here’s an example:
What I’m talking about.


So, I might need to rethink the TomTom. It works OK; but I just paid $99.00 for the 2006 USA/Canada map update. I thought that pretty expensive. The kicker? Four to six weeks for delivery. Seems like a mighty long time to me.
I also purchased a 4gb SD card from NewEgg. I wasn’t able to find any specs on the TomTom 300 indicating the maximum amount of space allowed; so, it will be a mystery if the card will work.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I guess.