Monthly Archives: May 2006

Slightly buzzed thoughts…

OK, so I really like my new job. I can admit it. It’s not glamorous and there are no scantily clad women-folk running around; but, I’m learing a lot and finding out stuff about myself that I could plausibly deny in the dance world. Of course, this job will be on standby while I’m at GHP doinig the Director of Dance thing. I am very much looking forward to it despite my being assigned to what is, perhaps, one of the worst configurations of a dance studio I’ve every seen. I won’t bitch about it too much. I’m happy to return and thankful that I have a couple of summer’s experience going in. I am not happy about having to jeopardize my position at IntenseTech. Still, I’m thinking that I can devote two hours a day to remote work while at GHP without sacrificing my responsibilities at both. It just means that I can’t spend too much time at the bar. That’s for the best too. Some sort of balance will have to be struck. At any rate, I haven’t blogged in a while and so for anyone reading this, and my visitor logs are most bizarre (who do I know in Washington State?), things are as normal here, I’m in a show, Tam’s just finished a show, and Tess’ latest is opening books and babbling as if she’s reading the text. Tess is a hoot. Oh boy. I love my little one! All right. I’m back to my “Old 33” and mentally preparing myself for another day of the same.

Ruby troubles

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth I have found what worked for me when setting up a developer environment for RoR:
For some reason, the pluralization feature of Rails was gumming up the works. Once it’s dead I was up and running! Yay!
This is one of those gotchas that should be looked at for upcoming releases. It took me a while to find this solution after looking all over everywhere…