Monthly Archives: May 2004


Tam is pregnant! We’re having a BABY!!!
Tam’s due sometime near Thanksgiving. I’m so excited and scared (earmuffs)
In other news, Terpsicorps has a new, awesome, website, that has absolutely nothing to do with me. :-(. Though I’ve never
claimed to be a graphic designer, my ego is a little bruised. Still, it’s a great site, and I hope it does
better for Heather than my efforts.
Coffee Shop of Horror’s site is live. The shopping cart is still off until I can drag Brice to the bank to set up his
merchant account. BTW, answers the phone with hold music, in my case several U2 songs. Looks like Bono’s
‘kissing the corporate ass’ again.
I’ve just read on Drudge that our President has apologized to the King of Jordon for the behavior of our troops
Finally! I also watched “Bowling For Columbine” last night. Michael Moore is heavy handed, brazen, and indecorous;
but, I think he’s right about the idea that we Americans are afraid of one another. I’m even reminded of a conversation
I had with Susan Martin about the “deficit creating question”. It’s the idea in marketing that you create a vacuum for your
product to fill; create a need.
Being a consumate consumer, I have to ask myself if I’m supporting the kind of society that promotes fear and violence.
I guess I am. Heck, I think most of us are and that is really scary.