First Week

Well, it turns out the baby loves Bach (played by Glen Gould, of course). We’re into the second part of Book I ofThe
Well Tempered Clavier
. Maybe I can get my butt away from the computer and get some practice in so I can play some tunes for her myself.
In other news, I tried to get Quicktime working using a variation of the
Flash Satay method. I can get away with the Flash Satay method for Flash, but there
are weaknesses in the Quicktime method. The movies on this page load another movie in place of the one you see first. Once that movie loads and plays
through it loads the original movie and completes the loop. This is impossible with the Quicktime Satay method. One may extend the
xhtml dtd
; but, that seems like a lot of trouble. I just found another page with great links I’m about to explore; maybe I’ll find the answer there.

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