Eventful weekend…and its not over yet!

Let’s see. We went to see folks in Asheville, Charlotte, and here we are in Augsuta. Tam kept the baby so I could have boys night out with Jason. We had a good time playing with the new fangled CD player. Some music might even come out of it. Jason has a knack for these things and was making better loops than me seconds after looking at the machine.
Came home this morning and Mom asked me to go downstairs and look at the hot water heater. Apparently, Dad became very ill after dinner last night (the second time in two nights) and wanted to take a bath. One problem: no hot water. So, I went down there and discovered over a foot of water in the basement! Thank goodness for the plumber who’s down there now. What a mess. The hot water heater’s busted as well as some main pipes. It’s just awesome.
So, Dad’s passed out on some expired Phenegran we found, Mom’s sitting the baby so Tam and I can go run errands. I’m not going to ask what comes next. Though I guess I just did. I’m going to find some wood to knock.

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