I’ve got some style work to complete for the forum pages. Otherwise, my update of phpbb2 from 2.0.6 to 2.0.11 was uneventful if a little counter to the instructions given. Never trust instructions that say, “now delete all files.” Argh.
I’m just about finished with the Coffee Shop’s calendar pages(preview page). I’m sorry it isn’t Commendar as that is a superior program. Hopefully, the iCal integration will make it easier for folks at the shop to keep current.
Susan’s new site is going to require lots of Flash. I’m still getting reacclimated to it. The main problem I’m having is communicating between imported movies. I remember having trouble with levels. I’m re-reading a great book ActionScript The Definitive Guide. It’s a great book and teaches a lot about programming in general. I hope my recent experiments with programming will help this project move a little more quickly. I know Susan is anxious to get moving on this.
In other news…

I met with Max Mount (great name) the Drama Director at Riverside Military Academy. He’s hired me to choreograph “Damn Yankees”. I had hoped to crib off the Fosse cheat sheet; but, Max isn’t a big fan of the original stuff. His ideas are fairly concrete. He needs me to give specifics. The problem is, I’m more like him than the person he needs. Tam’s promised to help. It’s a big project. I do have a few more weeks before the auditions.
Tess didn’t have a great day today. She was pretty fussy and displeased with my parenting. I knew I should have filed her nails down. She scratched herself a little bit. Tam had to do it tonight while I was at ballet.
Speaking of ballet. We finished Nicolas Picana’s piece today. Finally. Maybe I’ll actually remember it this time. It’s pretty. I only have to do two pirouettes. My partner’s skinny. Awesome.
Now back to smoking…

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