Hurray for XPOSTFACTO!

Thank goodness for Ryan and all the good people at Other World Computing! Because of their hard work, I’m typing on my front porch on my Daystar G4 enhanced Lombard running 10.4 Tiger! Woo Hoo! I couldn’t be happier! It runs a little slowish, but I’m not going to complain. I’m testing battery life now and it looks like Tiger’s a little hungrier. I haven’t applied any software updates, other than the 1.0.4 version of IOXPERTS 802.11b driver. Now, if only some brilliant soul can come up with a way to get the DVD player to work in 10. I’ve certainly learned to live without it.
Some of my students have found their way to my website and I look forward to meeting the rest of my folks soon. It’s going to be another interesting summer. I do wish I had more money to hire more guests for them. One can hope. More to follow…

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