Jake went and did it.

Well, Jake scratched Tess Sunday night. He was sleeping facing the door. Tess grabbed his back and he whipped around and caught her face. He didn’t bite her, thank goodness. Still, Tess has a nasty scrape on the right side of her face; a little more to the left and Jake probably would have reached Tess’ eye. Pretty scary. While both Tam and I thought such an incident inevitable, we weren’t really prepared with a strategy. So, he’s down in Augusta with his doggie aunts and uncles. Meanwhile, Tam and I have taken Tess to the Doc, talked to Jake’s Vet and we’re seeing what we have to do. The Vet says Jake’s reaction was normal for a dog his age and that we shouldn’t worry; but definitely should keep the dog separated from Tess when he’s sleeping or eating. Apparently, he’s just a big scardey cat. Tam and I are working with James’ kids this weekend, and I’m going to participate in the GHP auditions, so we’ll have time to come up with a plan.

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