The hits just keep on coming…

I’ve had to shut down my online store :-(. It seems I was in violation of NSAOnline’s user agreement. I understand where they are coming from though we do disagree. If I pay $15.00 a month, I can have my NSAOnline-hosted ‘site’ where, to quote the nice lady at NSAOnline, “all business goes directly to me”. My $15.00 a month would also afford me a banner ad on my site which would lead directly to their servers. ‘Hmmm,’ I thought. When a user clicks on the banners on my site, I get a percentage of any generated sales. In other words, iTunes and LinkShare are paying me to host their banners! By creating my own store, I was able to have all business go directly to me without having to pay NSAOnline for the privilege (except for the fee I paid to become a ‘distributor’). I mentioned this the above to the nice lady and was met with silence. While I feel good about JuicePlus+® the product, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to feel good about multi-level marketing.
And this is why I’m poor. I just don’t ‘get it’. I don’t host JuicePlus+® parties, I don’t foist tapes and videos on people. I simply offered folks a way to save a few bucks by getting JuicePlus from me.
*End of whine*

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