Leopard vs Free Agent Pro

So it seems Seagate Promise and Apple need to get their folks together. Those who know my Mac loyalty will also know that I’m not completely blind to Apple’s faults.
I’m used to having to wait for third parties to get their Mac software together; but, several of my Mac program are almost unuseable. Soundtrack Pro 2 freezes consistently, for example.
My latest problem is with the drivers for Promise SATA controllers and Seagate’s Free Agent Pro external drives. So far, knock wood, the USB 2.0 side works reasonably well, but the eSATA side causes my Dual G4 to panic. The Sonnet cardbus card fails with the FAP too. What a pain!
I feel confident that these issues will be addressed; but, it seems I’ll just have to wait. One would think that Apple would have tested multiple configurations of available external drives, what with the whole Time Machine business. I’ll try to be patient.
Patience = dispair disguised as a virtue.

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