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Net Neutrality

I’m watching this:
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The first speaker after the chair was Representative Cliff Stearns. He goes on and on and is wrong, wrong, wrong.
Guess who’s paying his way in DC?
Here comes Fred Upton.
Guess where his money comes from?
Here is Mike Ferguson
His top donors?
His argument is that piracy, read bit-torrent traffic devastates the internet;
and yet, check this out.
John Shimkus?
From what I hear so far, it’s a three hour hearing, these shills for the telcos are full of it. They want content creators to pay for the privilege of residing on their networks. It’s the same as saying that only Lamborghini’s will be allowed to drive on surface streets. That’s great if you can afford a Gallardo; unfortunately, that’s going to make we mere mortals unable to play. This is how the ISP’s want it. I think the chairman of the hearing has it right on the money that there are so many red herrings in this debate you could fill an aquarium.
Please write your representative and tell them to support network neutrality

Here is another place, saying it better than I can…