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Photoshop frustrations!
Actually, it’s my own damn fault.

As you might know, I’m the webmaster for ScubaDoRag™.com. Every so often Susan (aka CoCoCheznaynay), the creator of said DoRags, sends me a new postcard. She has just finished a new one. I’ve created a series of Photoshop actions to handle creation of the sprite that shows the corresponding DoRag depending on which fabric you mouse over. It makes life so much easier. Well, here I am on this fabulous new 15” MBP. As you might also know Adobe Photoshop isn’t yet a Universal Binary. I’m using CS under Rosetta. At any rate. I googled for file locations so I could transfer over my patterns and actions from the Photoshop stored on my old computer. Adobe tells you that patterns live in
Preferences/Adobe\ Photoshop\ CS\ Settings/Patterns.psp
and that actions live
~/Library/Preferences/Adobe\ Photoshop\ CS\ Settings/Actions\ Palette.psp.
Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. They really live here:
/Applications/Adobe\ Photoshop\ CS/Presets/Patterns/myPatterns.pat
/Applications/Adobe\ Photoshop\ CS/Presets/Photoshop\ Actions/myActions.atn.
Big difference. This location sucks in my opinion. Whenever I want to install something on a new computer, I like to do it from the original installation disk; as I did in the case of this here new laptop. I then move mail, music, photos, etc. from the old computer. So you can see the problem. This method doesn’t help with actions and patterns. In order to make room for another project, I deleted the Applications folder from my old drive; thus destroying myActions.atn and myPatterns.pat. Fortunately, I had an older backup and have installed them. Whew. This took me a long time and caused much cursing and smoking of cigarettes.

I finally have these things restored and can actually get to work. Hopefully, in addition to being a native Intel app, PS CS3 will allow for a more commodious location for actions and patterns. In the meantime, problem solved and I can finally get to work. I hope someone finds this useful and avoids all the hunting around.