Starting to get it.

OK, so I think I’m starting to understand this software. It’s really great. I’m going to restore navigation to the rest of the site, specifically to the gallery. There’s probably a plug-in that manages URL’s so that things will continue to work when they are archived. That’s really my only annoyance, so far.

As you must know, Apple has released the new Mac mini, the iPod Shuffle, fresh iLife, and iWork. Having never really been a fan of AppleWorks, I’m not too interested in the latest incarnation, though it seems that, for some anyway, innocuous documents will look prettier. The improvements to iLife don’t affect me much either because of my lack of funds for anything HD.
The Mac Mini, on the other hand is fairly exciting to me. I do have one complaint: why the 32mb video card? I don’t understand why Apple has to lag behind in this department. It seems we mac users are consistnetly penalized with slower cards. I’m certain there is a perfectly logical explanation for this: probably cost. Still, it is my take that if the higher end Mac mini offered even a 64mb video card, they’d have a hard time keeping them on the shelves. Hopefully this won’t matter to folks buying a computer at $499.99. If you want to see something funny, go to Apple’s online store and upgrade your memory to 1gig. It almost double’s the cost!
The one rumor I wanted to be true apparently wasn’t. Sirius/Apple iPod. I’m not sure it’s the killer app, but I would have benefitted from such a collaboration.

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