Some success

Well, I’ve made some progress. If you look around, you’ll find that most of the pages look the same. This site consists of several independent elements I’m using together and hopefully integrating into a whole. So far I’ve employed Moveable Type, Gallery, and phpBB2. I’m controlling all of the navigation from 3 files. I could use one, but I haven’t taken the time to sort out the logic necessary to add the appropriate number of dots and slashes depending on the navigation schemes used in the different software. I may get around to that.
For my next trick I intend to employ calendar software: Comendar. I’ve been in constant contact with the developer and we are working on some things to get it working. I’m hoping that we can get around to making it more portable. It looks great, has a great story behind it, and seems lightweight and simple enough to encourage use by me and those who wish to add dates as necessary.
If anyone reading this can think of better software for the purpose I’m anxious to listen.
We interrupt this post to feed baby immediately!

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