Tammy’s Home!

Tammy came home yesterday in the early AM. She’s doing well, but as stubborn as ever. Today I drove her to the office (she’s not allowed to drive for at least a week) she only wanted to do a ‘little work’. She stayed for about two and half hours…
Tam and I are watching “Eyes”. It’s not terrible. The characters are a little too flippant. Speaking of litotes, here’s a shout out to my Dad’s and his students that was on the NPR show Day to Day.
Tam’s going to bed. Looks like the Vicodin is working…
Tam says “to everyone who called and sent flowers to me I appreciate it very much. Your thoughts and prayers meant a lot to me.”
Back to the show for me and then I have to write a thousand words for my Philosophy class. I only looked at the assignment this morning. Hopefully, next week will be a less eventful.

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