Woo Hoo! 10.4 April 29th

Tess and I were in the Apple Store at Lenox Mall yesterday. Wouldn’t you know that the annoucement came this morning. Also, it looks like my Lombard is finally out of spec. Guess I’ll have to get a new laptop. ;-). Just kidding, Tammy.
Tam and I went to the doc today to get Tam’s staples removed. Her doctor, one Pierpot “Pepper” Brown. He’s quite a character. He answered many questions including the method he used to reattach Tam’s colon; stainless steel staples! No more MRI for her (good point, Tony). Dr. Brown asked Tam if she was an athelete as she had, “twice the rectus abdominus muscle of the average male.” Impressive. She’s not to overexert herself for the next four weeks (unlikely), but has been cleared to drive.
Tess is doing well. She’s had her first small spoonfuls of rice cereal. She did eat some, but mainly made a mess. It was most amusing. She’s sleeping a lot lately. I suspect another growth spurt. She’s grabbing onto her stuffed animals and is vocalizing with more variety. I still can’t get her to repeat exact sounds to me, but she will follow my cadence; so we can have little ‘conversations’. I’m still giving her port de bras lessons every day, so look out! Tam and I are hoping to put together some video.
Meanwhile, I’m still in classes with the University of Phoenix Online and working through an ActionScript book; which is fun, if frustrating. I hope to have something to show for it in the near future; though I’m only on Chapter 3.
More to follow…

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