SERBA 2005 – The trip up.

As promised, here’s Tess with a very famous ballet person:
Tam and I stopped by Dance Theatre to have lunch with Nate and see everybody. It just so happens that Alonzo King was there working on his new piece, “Salt.” So, of course, I had to get the photo-op. 🙂 Tam and I are hoping to get back up next week to see the show. It will be interesting seeing a different group up there doing Alonzo’s work. From what I saw, it will rock. BTW, you can buy tickets here, the name of the show is World Beat.
We’re in our room in Durham now. Tess is finally starting to slow down. Her teeth are really hurting her. We’re trying all types of things to help her; but, until there’s baby morphine, all we can do is mitigate her suffering. – I’ll have to take a picture of what I call, “the terrible face”. It’s heartbreaking! – Tam’s putting the finishing touches on the final meal of the day for Tess now. Looks like Tess is about to pass out. That’s my cue to get my schoolwork done.

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