Never a dull moment

   Well, here I sit on the side porch at 243. I’m stuck down here until tomorrow afternoon; the Beetle’s getting a new timing belt (as always, your generous donation to the Benjamin Westafer Benevolent Society is greatly appreciated). Meanwhile I’ve been trying to solve the Mystery of the Missing Marley. I have a feeling that I’ve found the answer. It’s taken all day, but apparently it’s been living in the wharehouse of the Golden Harvest Food Bank. I need to get my hands on it pronto for Heather.
   I’ve got the baby with me. Actually, Tam’s folks have her right now. They’ve just returned from Vegas. It’s a big night for Tam. The Board of the Gainesville Ballet is meeting in special session to discuss? Who knows?
   I’m getting ready to head down to GHP. I’ll be sending out letters to my students soon. It looks like I’ll actually have some guys this summer! I’m not going to hold my breath. Hopefully, I’ll have a better idea soon.
   What else? I’m fighting ActionScript 2.0. I want to do something that I think should be terribly easy, and yet I can’t make it work. If I can’t solve the problem soon, I’m going to have to do it the old, inefficient way. Susan’s going to kill me if I don’t. One interesting thing I have learned in connection with Susan’s site is a little more VBScript. I used php before, but since the site is hosted on IIS, I’ve converted everything to .asp. I should mention that I recieved lots of help from Will and Tony. On the php front. I’m battling the upgrade to the latest phpBB. I’ve lost the ability to access my admin control panel. I’m not the only one, but none of the solutions listed in the forum seem to be of any help. At some point I’ll have to fix that as I want to have the GHP ’05 forum up before I send out letters to the kids.
I have fingers crossed, wood knocked, and prayers said for an exciting and most challenging potential job. I won’t know anything for another week, so I’ll have to keep everyone in suspense. You’ll hear it here first.
Stay tuned…
P.S. Here’s a picture of me and Tess at the piano. Do I always look stoned?!
Ok, one more:

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