In Dothan

After several weeks, really months, of looking around, I’ve decided to go with ZenCart for Susan’s new shopping cart. The decision came to me in Dothan, AL. I’m down here during my 25th year of the Nutcracker. I like the fact that ZenCart uses CSS for layout and XHTML for markup. It does have a learning curve, but the wiki is helpful and I’ll just need time to play around with it. I may have more opinions about it when I get more into it, but so far so good.
While down here I met Benjamin Linn. He dances in Birmingham with Alabama Ballet. I have several friends in that company now (small world). I’m hoping to help Ben out with the website for his “Benjamas”. He’s got a placeholder site up now, but it needs a lot of work. It should be a fun project and hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze my fat ass into one of his products. I don’t know if they make enough polar fleece.
I’m also looking forward to getting home to work on the DVD’s. My kids have been waiting patiently since the summer and it’s been one thing after the other. Since Tam and I have established an HQ, and I have to shiny new hard drives to install, I can get down to business.

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