Mercury in Retrograde?

So, the iTunes store can’t accept credit cards; or at least it hasn’t been able to for the past several hours. I had to contact HostMySite twice to get them to upgrade a client’s account. I tried to make an appointment with MCG Sports Medicine for my back and had to leave a message. All I can assume is that Mercury is in retrograde and I’ll just have to wait it out.
In the meantime, I’m enjoying listening to Trance music and sipping a large mocha at the Metro. I’ve only been begging these guys to get WiFi for about three years.
While I’m waiting I’m looking at Drupal again. They have an ecommerce module. I like the idea of a CMS, they’re usually not good at presenting a finished-looking site. I want a CMS that lets me make pages for visitors, not a portal to more CMS looking crap. I don’t know if that makes sense. To put it another way, CMS’s offer all of these widgets that go all over the place, and usually fairly inelegantly. This is why I like MT. I deal with an administrative area, publish it and the user sees a clean presentation. I’m sure what it boils down to is that I’m going to have to learn how to write these things; including shopping carts. I might install Drupal for fun and play with it. I’ll have to get back on that.

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