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So, I installed Ubuntu Server 8 today on an aged Dell that’s been sitting around. The installation was as easy as falling off a log. Really. It was straightforward and
apt-get is stupid easy. I did this because I needed a development platform for this Drupal book I’m working through. I started to put it on my Macs; but, getting
GD to play nice with Leopard has proven a pain. All of the workarounds I’ve seen are for Leopard Server.

I’m hoping to deploy Drupal for Augusta West’s (here is the old one) new website. I’ll have to be patient with myself as I learn this stuff. At least I’m having fun learning something new.

Net Neutrality

I’m watching this:
Real Audio Link
The first speaker after the chair was Representative Cliff Stearns. He goes on and on and is wrong, wrong, wrong.
Guess who’s paying his way in DC?
Here comes Fred Upton.
Guess where his money comes from?
Here is Mike Ferguson
His top donors?
His argument is that piracy, read bit-torrent traffic devastates the internet;
and yet, check this out.
John Shimkus?
From what I hear so far, it’s a three hour hearing, these shills for the telcos are full of it. They want content creators to pay for the privilege of residing on their networks. It’s the same as saying that only Lamborghini’s will be allowed to drive on surface streets. That’s great if you can afford a Gallardo; unfortunately, that’s going to make we mere mortals unable to play. This is how the ISP’s want it. I think the chairman of the hearing has it right on the money that there are so many red herrings in this debate you could fill an aquarium.
Please write your representative and tell them to support network neutrality

Here is another place, saying it better than I can…

Reviving sick wrt54g v2

Another success for DD-WRT! I just revived my cousin’s old v2. I had to flash it twice, once with the mini to get passed the usual Linksys crap, and
then up to the full v23 with dd-wrt. Fun. Now what to do with it? I haven’t quite decided yet. I’ve got an Airport Express that does pretty well on one
side of the house; so I guess I’ll put this one in the wire closet for the back yard. That is, unless I give my cousin back his now working router, even
though he was going to throw his away. Oh well. I have a Buffalo router that needs the dd-wrt treatment in case I do the right thing.

Finally getting around to mt 4

So I’ve been playing around with Movable Type 4 again. It’s a bit frustrating. I think my problems are with specifying the proper paths. The documentation is lacking, or I’m an idiot. Either way, I keep getting 500 errors whenever I try to publish anything other than the index pages.
Scouring through the error logs, I can see that the wrong url is supplied despite my best efforts to figure out what and where mt wants to point. Once I figure it out, I’ll put the rest of the pages up.

Up too late.

Even though I’ve found the chemical answer to my sleeplessness; sometimes the pills take a while to kick in. Anyway, if I’m standing on the front stoop doing my computing thing, I’ll hear something crunching through the leaves. I was on my way outside tonight and got to see the source of the noise. I wasn’t fast enough to get a picture while he was on the steps; but, I did get this:

Returning to Lilypond

After receiving a short note from Graham Percival regarding the known issue in the Lilypond GUI and Leopard, the latest release does play nice with TextMate. I have been able to start the tutorials and even create a little midi file. The reason I’m doing this is because GarageBand finally adds the ability to create custom ringtones for my iPhone. I can create the music in TextMate, use Lilypond to make a midi file, pull it into GarageBand and go nuts. Fun. I’ve almost got Christopher O’Riley’s version of Bulletproof in there. I haven’t played with Lilypond in some time and it’s the learning curve is a little steep.
On another note, Tess has taken her first ballet class. Tammy asked her, “Don’t you want to be a doctor?” “No, I’m going to be a ballet girl.” So much for the fancy retirement community. I love her so…